A visualization of retweets at the Free Culture Research Conference (#FCRC)
This visualization shows retweeting activity at the Free Culture Research Conference (hashtag #fcrc) over the course of four days, with most activity taking place on October 8th and Oct 9th, 2010. In addition to simply showing who retweeted whom, it translates the following quantitative information into visual factors:
  • number of times a user retweeted someone else (node color); red means the user retweeted others a lot, white means not at all
  • number of times others retweeted the user (node size); large circle means the user got retweeted a lot, small circle means not at all
  • combined number of times the user retweeted others and was retweeted (name label size); large name label means the user retweeted/was retweeted a lot, small name label means less activity.
It was created by first downloading the Twapperkeeper archive for the #fcrc hashtag, then calculating a graph with R and the igraph package and finally visualizing that graph with gephi. For some more conventional (=pie) charts, have a look here. A number of statistics computed from the Twapperkeeper data are available in this Google spreadsheet. Finally, you can download the visualization as a PDF here and the GraphML file for re-use with gephi here. The visual presentation (including the nice zooming functionality) is realized via gephi's Seadragon extension. This visualization is published under a CC Zero license and loves being shared and remixed.

Created by Cornelius Puschmann using Free/Open Source software.